Halloween Party 2007 (in the style of Harry Potter)

(Article created 10/10/2007 23:14)

This is going to be on Saturday the 3rd November and this time with a Harry Potter theme. The official invites have been printed andwill be posted soon. With the postal strikes at the moment it may be a while before you get one, but take it as given that all the usualsuspects are officially invited.

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Halloween 2006 and Party Update

(Article created 18/10/2006 18:22)

I've been busy and have not updated the site for a while (more photo's coming soon). As it's my 40th in November were going tohave a combined Halloween and 40th Party on Sat the 4th. Having missed having a halloween party for 2005(due to all the construction work) the place is slowly returning to normal. Hopefully we'll get a festive "Pimp and Ho Ho Ho" gatheringin December just prior to starting 2007 as we mean to go on with a New Year eve party. We hope to have a live video link toDave "Party On" Steventon's NYE party down in sunny Brum.

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Halloween Party 2004 - Pics 'n' Vids

(Article created 30/10/2004 23:00)

Held on Saturday 30th October 2004. Click the halloween banner to go to the gallery page or click on the individual preview images below to see the preview pictures. We had 103 connections to the live party webcams on the Saturday night - quite a few more than I expected. There's two photo sets, one from the stills camera in Party Gallery 13 and the other from the video camera in Party Gallery 14.I've only just started on the video clips (just 7 so far), these are being added to the Halloween Party video clips page.

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